Airtight dry fruit nuts food container mold

Airtight dry fruit nuts food container

Material : PP

【Classified Storage】Airtight dry fruit nuts food container includes 1 large box and 4 compartments, which can be used together or separated. Classified storage will not cross-infect, easy to organize and clear at a glance.

【Eco-friendly Material】Food-grade materials, reusable food storage containers with detachable sealing lids can effectively resist stains and odors, BPA-free, and the fresh-keeping box is made of durable plastic, strong and durable, and safe to use.

【Multiple Uses】These airtight dry fruit nuts food containers are not only ideal for storing dry foods (such as flour, sugar, rice, grains, nuts, beans, snacks, coffee and tea), these can also be used to store and organize your food, or to handle small objects to keep the refrigerator and table tidy.

【Good Airtightness】 It has a strong airtightness and can firmly lock the freshness of the food without worrying about the smell. It can be refrigerated and frozen to keep food fresh for a long time.

【Keep Fresh】Food storage containers with lids make the products fresher. The partition design is used for sorting storage, such as salad, lettuce, carrot, potato, cucumber, tomato, onion, pepper, mug bean, apple, orange, banana, berry, strawberry, grape, melon , Lemon, egg, meat and fish ideal choice.

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