Anti-slip plastic serving tray

Anti-slip plastic serving tray

Material : PP+TPE

Most people used wooden serving trays in the past, but nowadays, many appliances have been replaced by plastics material. The two-color anti-slip plastic serving tray is easy for people to use, easy to clean, durable, and not easy to wear, and the product is lighter than a wooden one.

In addition to providing practical and suitable products for daily use, the design also incorporates colorfulness, vitality and creativity, rendering the temperature to every corner of the home, while completing the beautification of home life and the construction of style.

Easy grip handle will not hurt your hands, TPE dots which make the tray surface be non-slip and stable

Comes with different shapes and colors , it’s all on your demand

Yong chuan is one of the best two-color mold makers in China, we offer excellent two-color plastic serving tray injection molds, two-color serving plate injection molds, and two-color serving bowl injection molds which are all produced by rotary plate injection molding machine.

If you are new in two-color injection molding, and don’t have any good ideas for two-color product designs.  If you are still looking for a good double color mold maker in China, worried about the 2K mold construction design and the molds’ precision, also afraid of not having good after services from your mold maker, then we, Yong chuan, can be your another good choice!

With our design department’s strong capabilities, we focus on the durability and simply maintenance of the molds! Most of our tool workers are from Guang Dong province where is another mold town producing precision molds in China.  With remarkable design group and experienced tool works, Yong chuan is capable to make top-quality plastic injection molds. We invite you sincerely to visit our factory to see our quality and services.

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