Cat litter scooper shovel mold

Cat litter scooper shovel mold

Material: PP

【2 In 1】Comprehensive cat litter shovel is a combination of cat litter shovel, cat litter box and garbage bag, which can remove cat litter and bag of cat feces at the same time, and include 12 rolls (180 pcs) of waste bags. This sand box shovel can be used with one hand to clean up feces. After use, just tie the bag and throw it away. It is convenient and quick.

【Clean and Hygienic】This multi-functional litter scoop has a wide front end that can clean to any corner of the litter box. The handle of our kitties litter scoop has a curved design, making it more comfortable and easy for you to finish cleaning and sanitation without getting your hands dirty.

【High Quality Material】 Integrated cat litter shovel is made of PP resin material, light weight, easy to carry, smooth surface corrosion resistant, strong and durable. The perfect 2.95 in hole size is enough to scoop up even large pieces of cat poop and quickly dump the litter into the trash can within seconds, reducing dust inhalation.

【Removable Design】 Our cat litter scoop is removable with a litter bag chute so you don’t have to waste time looking for litter bags. Hamiledyi kitties litter sifter scoop is hollow design with about 6 mm wide hole at the top, which can quickly separate any shape of clumping litter, clean litter can easily pass through.

【Reduce Odor Diffusion】Kitty litter shovel yellow size is about 10.24” x 5.51” x 4.33”, bring your own lightly scented litter bag, can effectively reduce the smell of litter and prevent cat poo odor from spreading in the room. The cat poop litter box is paired with a small disposable litter bag, which is not wasted when you throw it away after use and does.