Difference between CNC vs NC machine you should know

CNC vs NC machine

NC Machine (Numerical Control Machine)

NC stands for numerical Control. A machine tool is operated by a series of coded instructions that include numbers, letters of the alphabet, and symbols that the machine control unit (MCU) can read. These coded instructions are changed into electrical pulses that the machine’s motors and controls follow to run manufacturing functions on a workpiece.

Numerical control (NC) points to the method of controlling the manufacturing operations by numerical instructions in the form of directly inserted coded in machine tools.

CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control Machine)

CNC stands for computer numerical control. It is a machine controlled by a computer. Its outer appearance is related to that of an NC machine. Tape or Computer Keyboard or Tutor Keyboard is utilised as input media for CNC machines. For NC machines tape is to be fit repeat to design repeated jobs or products.

In a CNC machine, all the numerical functions are managed by the computer. The computer stores the programs which are required to operate the machine.

Difference between CNC vs NC machine

NC machine CNC machine
The programs are fed into the punch cardsThe programs are fed directly into the computer by a small keyboard similar to our traditional keyboard
The modification in the program is difficultThe modification in the program is very easy
Required for a highly skilled operatorA less skilled operator can also operate the machine
The cost is lessThe cost is very high
Maintenance cost is less.Maintenance cost is high.
Programs cannot be stored in the NC machinePrograms can be stored in computers and used repeatedly.
Offers less flexibility and computational capabilityOffers additional flexibility and computational capability
Low accuracyHigh accuracy
It requires more time for the execution of the jobIt takes very less time in the execution of the job
Not possible to run it continuously.  Can be continued for 24 hours of a day.
Difference between NC vs CNC machine

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