Electric power tool drill injection mold

Electric power tool drill injection mold

Focare Mould, two color mold maker, china experienced mold maker, muti component mold

Focare mould is specializing in making plastic injection molds, especially in TWO COLOR MOLDS.

Having experience in different types of molds, such as : kitchenware molds, household molds, pipe fitting molds, medical parts molds, cap/flip-top cap molds, automotive parts molds, crate molds, thin-wall packaging molds… etc.

We use high quality mould steel and the best quality of mould parts to keep reliable reputation.  

The critical parts, hot runner, cylinders, line plugs and so on are imported or used qualified and durable parts.  Even though the small parts, such as seal, we are using the one with high quality with high temperature and acid and alkali resistant.  

Focare Mould take care of quality from the minor details in order to provide qualified moulds for clients.

If you are looking for a mold maker, we can give you our service.


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