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Mold / Product design team

Products design and molds design are the key-point for making good workable plastic injection molds.  Yong chuan plastic mold has our own experienced and professional designing team to provide you a good design for both products and molds. 

Product design
Mold design

Our Capabilities

– When customers have only idea on products, and no samples for reference, Yong Chuan is able to design the products.

– If customers can provide samples for reference, then Yong Chuan modify the design as per their request.

Mold Flow Analysis (MFA)

High-precision mold tooling equipment

Yong Chuan owns various functions, types, sizes, ultimate rotational speed machines, including automatic measurement cutting machines and manual refining ones. To ensure the mold highest precision, we combine conventional and modern high-tech engineering, which may increase mould precision and minimize the error. Because, every steel is well-proceed in different requirements, the moulds and products we made have high dimensional accuracy.

– CNC Lathe Machine 
   American 3 sets
   Taiwanese 3 sets
   Chinese 8 sets

– Electric Discharge Machine x 2 sets

– Precision Surface Grinding Machine x 4 sets

– Turret Milling Machine x 6 sets

Molds testing equipment / Injection molding machine

– Triple color plastic injection machine with rotary table 550 tons x 1 set

– Double color rotary table Injection moulding Machine 280 tons x 1 set

– High speed & double injection moulding machine 350 tons x 1 set

– Single Color Injection moulding Machine 250 tons x 2 sets

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