Flip-top cap

Flip-top Caps
Also known as Swing Top & Quillfeldt Stopper Cap is one of type closure used for Plastic Bottles. Flip Top Plastic Bottle Caps were used in packaging hand sanitizers, baby shampoo, hair oil, and other essential oils… etc .
At the beginning it was used for beer & mineral water but nowadays it was used by herbal formulation manufacturers, lotions, shampoos, and tomato ketchup producers.

Product information
Material : PP

Many types of flip-top caps
Yong chuan have made various types of flip-top caps before, such as lotion caps , shampoo caps … etc. We are capable of making the customized caps as your need.

Advantages of our caps:

  • Light and delicate
  • Good sealing to prevent water leakage
  • No sharps or burrs to cause scratches on customers
  • Good assemble with bottle

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