Foldable hanging trash can bin

Foldable hanging trash can bin

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Trash cans appear nowhere, normally they are made of plastic or metal. The metal one is often used in public, it is heavy, firm, but it gets rust easily. Therefore, plastic has always been the most popular choice. It is light, easy to clean, durable, and with a delicate design, it can be an element to decorate your living place. 

This new foldable hanging trash can bin not only looks high-quality but also with good function. Made by PP and TPE, with the combination of different materials, the two-color foldable trash can owns high-added value. The PP part is to sustain the product shape and the soft TPE part is foldable, which creates different volumes to help save space. Here are the characteristics of two-color foldable trash can

1.Space-saving: Collapsible and hangable design help customer to save space. When you don’t use it, just fold the two-color foldable trash can that may keep your home clean and tidy.


2.Wide application: The customer can hang the two-color foldable trash can on the door or place it directly on the ground. It can be widely used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, or anywhere needed.

3.Various capacity: Adjust the capacity by folding the trash can. The two-color foldable trash can is able to be put in a narrow place. Its biggest size is 250X145X284mm and the capacity is 9.2L. It can carry more than 50kg of garbage. 

4.Hight quality: Made by legal PP and TPE. The two-color foldable trash can is non-toxic, sturdy, durable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Besides, the fixed ring design makes the garbage bag easy to fix, and not easy to fall off.

5. Additional small drawer: It can also add a small drawer for putting some garbage bags inside for more convenient use.

To make a two-color foldable trash can that can fold and expand smoothly, the control of TPE part thickness is the key point. And to ensure the high efficiency of production, the cooling system needs, especially design. YONG CHUAN, we are a team that specializes in making two-color plastic injection mold. We provide one-stop service, from product design to mold test. Equipped with good CNC and injection machines, plus the technique and experience, we can help you to expand your business. 

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