Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine

Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine
Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine is a new trend now, there are more and more foldable products appear in the market recently.

Most families or students live in rented houses. In a narrow space of dozens of square meters, it is difficult to have room for large washing machines. As technology continues to advance, people’s lifestyles are also changing. 

The products people use in daily life are becoming more and more high-tech and refined. Because modern society emphasizes convenience, the smaller the item, the better, and the lighter the weight, the better.

Although the functions of the washing machine are not as complete as the large washing machine, it is simple to operate and much smaller than ordinary washing machines. It is a housework savior for small families. 

Many electronic brands have launched models with different functions. In addition to differences in size and capacity, they are also divided into two different modes, manual and fully automatic. Traditional washing machines need to be cleaned after a long time, especially when the drum is wet, it is most likely to breed bacteria!

This machine is particularly worry-free at this point. It is formed in a one-piece barrel and has a very smooth surface. It can be dried naturally after use, which can easily and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The portable mini folding washing machine is simply made for people’s needs, and it won’t take up a lot of your place when you put it at home. When unfolded, it will be a bucket that can hold 10L of water; it can be folded directly when not in use, and the handle can also be used as a hook. It can be put away and hung on the wall of the bathroom or balcony, or stuffed in a cabinet, taking up no space at all!

The material of the portable mini folding washing machine is safe, healthy and durable. The inner barrel is made of PP and TPR environmentally friendly materials, which are thick, compact and water-proof, resistant to high temperatures and not easy to age. Even if there are only one or two shirts you can put in and wash, you can also pour hot water to wash it to facilitate sterilization. The portable mini folding washing machine is equipped with a one-button drainage function, and the water can be automatically discharged from the machine with a light pull, without the need to pour water by yourself.

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