Food preservation tray stackable container mold

Food preservation tray stackable container mold

Material : TPU

[Food-grade Material]
The food preservation tray stackable container mold is made of high-quality BPA free TPU material. The elastic film has good ductility and is durable, which means you can store different food in it.

[Large Capacity]
The lid has 180 degrees rotated buckle can be either on the front side or on the backside. The larger capacity can hold more than 2 times more food than before.

Elastic food preservation tray has a leak-proof lid that can keep your food fresh for a long time and can your food exposure to air or dust.

With a stackable design lid, you could stack them up, allows you to save place, and help to keep the refrigerator clutter-free.

[BPA Free]
No matter you place BPA free food preservation tray into microwave, freezer, or dishwasher, it is and stable.

Different from the disposable wrap, this elastic film is not easy to break and can be reused several times.

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