How to make a good mold? Why is a mold so expensive?

Plastic injection machine and mold are the basic requirements to produce products. However, if you want your products to be beautiful, a high precision mold is very important.

A good mold should produce high-quality products, should help manufacturer to save time and cost to create higher efficiency, and should have long mold life, low damage rate.

Molds can be divided into thermosetting plastic mold and thermoplastic plastic mold. They also can be further subdivided into transfer mold, blow mold, casting mold, thermoforming mold, compression molds, and injection molds.

The process of making a mold in sequence of our company is:

  1. Product design – Make sure the product keeps its features and can be molded, ejected with good appearance, has zero damage at the same time.

2.Mold design – Only when mold is designed with appropriate inject system, eject system and consummate cooling system, may ensure the efficiency of production.

3. Steel process – The higher precision mold has, the better appearance product has.

4. Parts assembly

5. Mold test – Test the results and make sure the mold works smoothly.

6. Product test – Check if the function, appearance of product is perfect.

Here are 3 main costs of manufacturing a plastic injection mold:

Steel- Mold is made by steel. Based on different characteristics of products, there are various steel types to select.

Steel process- Steel should pass wire cut, rough machining, precise machining, EDM machining…… and so on. Therefore, it takes time to complete the process.

Labor- From product design, mold design, nc programming, steel process, steel assembling, to mold test, it takes people effort.

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