Kitchen spice organizer rack cabinet

Kitchen spice organizer rack cabinet

Material : ABS + PC

Due to the reduction of living space, not every family has a large kitchen. So everyone can easily own this kitchen spice organizer rack cabinet.

This spice organizer cabinet is designed with a large capacity, which can store spices, jars, kitchen utensils in partitions, and can easily meet the needs of large families. The cover of the organizer rack cabinet is made of transparent ABS, with a thick design that can prevent dust, oil smoke, and insects. The transparent cover makes us easy to find the dishes without opening them.

The whole spice organizer cabinets are designed with rounded corners and smooth polished without edges, no sharp corners will hurt people during use it. The upper cover is designed to be opened at a fixed angle of 90 degrees, and there is a raised handle that can be opened and closed with one hand, making it more convenient to use. The lower cover is designed to open the door directly, making it easier to take out the spices.

The organizer rack cabinet is designed with a hidden drawer by the side that can store more stuff. There is also a hook on the other side to put the lid on it.

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