Pattern plate

Plastic plate
They’re light-weight and can be carried around easily, unlike the porcelain plates. Most of all, these kinds of sets are an excellent selection for the house owners, because they won’t have to worry about the plates getting shattered and they are also secure for the kids. 

Product information
Material : PP+PP
Size : Diameter 200 mm x Height 21mm
Weight: 81g

Not easy to crack, strong
Plenty of good reasons precisely why plastic plates happen to be utilized broadly in events and huge gatherings.
One of the main benefits associated is simply because they are pretty economic and more easy to use. These types of plastic plates are best for outdoor environment and more durable as compared to paper plates. Mainly because that they do not get easily broken, they can be used just about everywhere.

Frame design
The colorful and unique design may the plastic plate become a decoration to polish the kitchens looks and color people’s life.

All can be customized
The sizes and the design of the plate can be customized as your need.

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