Pet slow feeder

Plastic slow feeder bowl
Does your dog have the following problems?
◎Indigestive ?
◎Eating too fast ?
◎Too fat ?

Just try these bowls for your puppy !
◎Meal time is so funny
◎Keep fit

Product information
Material : PP+TPE
Size : Diameter 270 x 265 x 34 mm
Weight : 140g

Why plastic bowl ?
You’ll find that most of the dog feeders in market are made from plastic, we firmly believe that this is the best material for slow feeders because it is durable, easy to clean, antibacterial, affordable and comes in the most shapes, sizes, and patterns due to its moldability.

Non-toxic, BPA free
All the slow feeders we made are from non-toxic or BPA free materials, to keep your puppy safe. There are also other materials we can see in the market such as stainless steel or ceramic, but they are both heavier than plastic one.

Slow your pup down
Most pets devour their meal without thorough chewing which may increase the possibility of indigestion and choking. In order to resolve this issue, we designed slow feeder bowl with obstacle shapes to increase the difficulty when eating, which can prolong pets’ meal time.

Non-slip design
The bottom part is made by TPE, which is a non-slip and food split prevention design.

Solid body design
The body is made by PP, solid, heat resisting, safe, non-toxic so that owners can use it at ease.

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