Plastic 2-in-1 cutting board & sink strainer mold

Cutting board & sink strainer mold

Material : PP

Plastic 2-in-1 cutting board & sink strainer mold

Our cutting board & sink strainer mold for kitchen have more functions than bamboo and wood one. It can be used not only as a kitchen cutting board, but also as a drainboard over the sink, vegetable washing basket, and storage tray, which is
convenient for washing and cutting food.

Plastic 2-in-1 cutting board & sink strainer mold

Built-in Colander:
It’s with built-in strainer over the sink, which is convenient for washing, filtering, drying and cutting fruits, vegetables, meats and more. Perfect for messy jobs like cutting tomatoes and will keep your counters clean.

Saving Space:
This has a removable container, just slice your ingredient, slide it into the prep tray with your knife, without using more bowls and plates, saving kitchen countertop space, which is convenient for you to prepare meals and improve your cooking efficiency.

Reversible :
Double the usage with the reversible. You can use both sides of the cutting boards for cooking, avoid flavor mingling while you cook.

The collapsible colander is easily removed for rinsing, cleaning, and storage.

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