Plastic acrylic pitcher with lid and cups mold

Plastic acrylic pitcher with lid and cups mold

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Material : Acrylic , PS

This plastic acrylic pitcher with lid has an interesting diamond cut pattern and features a fully removable core that allows you to fill it with your favorite fruit pieces, tea bags or ice cubes, infusing the water with their intense flavors through the open slots.

Looking for a way of making sure your body stays hydrated all throughout the day? The Gift Essentials plastic acrylic pitcher with lid is the perfect solution!

This fruit infuser water pitcher is made with superior quality, highly durable acrylic, a non-BPA food-grade material which is easy to clean, shatterproof and guaranteed to withstand the test of time!

Teach your kids to enjoy sugar-free drinks without compromising on a delicious taste with this high-quality water pitcher with fruit infuser! Make healthier choices for yourself and the entire family by drinking lemonade, fresh juices, iced tea or water infusions on a daily basis!

Surprise your loved one with our acrylic infusion pitcher, and you can be sure to win their appreciation. It is the ideal choice for people who appreciate a fine beverage served in an unique pitcher, which makes the drinking more enjoyable.

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