Plastic and stainless steel food container bento

Plastic and stainless steel food container bento

A combination of plastic and stainless steel is letting the food container being stronger than before, and this two-color lid designs it letting the food container being more attractive.

Save the earth and embrace it together
When the environmental protection and go green movement has been in the attention of our lives, therefore, we have been aware of the use of eco-friendly tableware products.
Non-disposable food container has been in our market ever since.

Two different layer for different use

In the first layer, you can put fruits or vegetables, to separate with rice, or you can put rice on the first layer and the soup down below, it all depends on your choice.

Vented lid design
Special vented lid design allows steam and the pressure inside to escape without danger.

Make your day even more convenient
Simply just put your food inside the food container and carry it with you wherever you go.

Two-color design
Two-color injection products are widely used in our life, especially for kitchenware. Two-color injection products not only have more diverse color choices for consumers but also many features that are not available in single-color products. For example, this two-color plastic food container lid has not only an eye attractive appearance than a single color one but also a sealing function for anti-leakage.

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