Plastic bathroom drain rack

Plastic Bathroom Drain Rack / Kitchen rack

It is everyone’s dream to have a tidy and organized house. In order to complete this dream, normally we choose foldable storage products to help us organize stuff and save space. For example, this plastic bathroom drain rack can be used on various kinds of surfaces, such as tiles, stainless steel, glass, or other kinds of smooth surfaces.  

The main features for the bathroom drain rack are: 

1.     Multi-function: The bathroom drain rack/kitchen rack has multi-function. It can be used as a towels hanger, brush, and kitchen utensils hookers. It is very useful in kitchens and bathrooms for placing jars, etc. We can make our kitchen or bathroom to be tidier easily and save time and effort by using this bathroom drain rack/kitchen rack. 

2.     Safe and durable: The bathroom drain rack/kitchen rack is made of high-quality PP raw material or ABS which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  With these materials, the rack will have a longer service life.

3.     Easy installation: We don’t need to drill and damage the wall.  The bathroom drain rack/kitchen rack can be installed on any kind of smooth surface.  It has good adhesion and can be loaded until 3 kgs.  

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