Plastic beer bottle crate

Plastic beer bottle crate

Yong chuan plastic has abundant experience in producing beer bottle crate plastic injection molds and coke bottle crate plastic injection molds, and provides customers with full forming solutions!

In the production of this kind of beer bottle crate plastic injection molds, there are generally four side sliders, four lifters in the core part, one slider connecting rod in each corner of the cavity, and four side walls of the box with the handle of collision. 

For this kind of beer bottle crate or coke bottle crate, we can make one or two cavities, the molding cycle time can reach 35 seconds, and the product can be fully automatic demoulding. 

This kind of beer bottle crate is very popular because it can protect the glass bottles from the vibration of the truck and the collision force between the bottles during transportation. Beer bottle crates are generally divided into 12 bottles or 24 bottles a box.

Yong chuan plastic is an enterprise with many years of experience in developing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic molds. The company specializes in the production of plastic two-color mold, turnover box mold, garbage bin mold and daily necessities mold. 

After years of mold development and manufacturing, Yong chuan has accumulated rich production experience and achieved the integration of mold development, design and manufacturing.

Please feel free to communicate with us if you have any request for plastic injection molds.

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