Plastic foldable/collapsible cutting board

Plastic foldable/collapsible cutting board

Now people are more and more careful calculating while buying goods, so if our products can have multiple functions, they will be more able to attract consumers’ purchase desire. Therefore, there are more and more multifunctional products on the market.

For example, this multiple function collapsible cutting board combines the functions of a chopping board, a vegetable draining basket, and a tray. The three-in-one design makes this multiple-function plastic cutting board be convenient and easy to use and saves space in the kitchen. 

The multiple-function plastic cutting board itself is made of healthy PE material and has a multi-functional integrated structure, which is simple but not common, adding fun to cooking. The anti-slip strips are designed on both ends of the multiple function plastic cutting board, even if there are stains on the kitchen countertop, the cutting board is not easy to slide.  Besides, the special design for the anti-slip strips can make the multiple function plastic cutting board can be placed not only on the kitchen countertop but also on any kinds of sinks.  Just put the chopping board on the top of the sink, we can wash, drain and cut vegetables at once.

In addition, the surface of the multiple function plastic cutting board has a special texture to increase friction and effectively prevent slip while cutting vegetables. The bottom of the multiple-function plastic chopping board is equipped with a drain basket. This basket is of a detachable design and can be used separately from the chopping board. It is more convenient to use while washing vegetables and cutting vegetables. Furthermore, the basket is of a foldable design, so you can fold it when not in use so that the cutting board has the function of a tray. 

Yong chuan plastic is a professional plastic injection mold maker.  We have our own design group which can design products according to customers’ requests.  Just give us your ideal, and we believe our design group can satisfy your needs.

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