Plastic food cereal storage box container mold

Plastic food cereal storage box container mold

Material : PP + PS

Secure sealing
Each plastic food cereal storage box container features an airtight system resulting in a watertight and airtight seal, keeping your cereal super fresh.

High quality
Made of high-quality food-grade plastic, BPA free, contain no harmful substances. The durable plastic food cereal storage box containers can be used for a long time, good for you and safe for your family.

These containers are suitable for storing flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, cereal, snacks, pet food, or anything else you may need to store. The plastic storage container can be used as bakeware containers or be refrigerated. Microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe.

See-through & stackable
The clear storage container’s body is durable enough for long-lasting use, you can quickly see what is inside just at a glance. These containers also have a stackable and modular design, will save you a ton of space in your pantry fridge, freezer, or cabinets for better kitchen organization.

BPA free
All of our containers are made from non-toxic materials BPA-free and fully certified for customers’ health and safety.

Save the earth and embrace it together
When the environmental protection and go green movement has been in the attention of our lives, therefore, we have been aware of the use of eco-friendly tableware products. 
Non-disposable food container has been in our market ever since.

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