Two-color plastic food container

Plastic food container is a necessity of life
They make our life better and more convenient than we used to be.

Multiple sizes and different shapes
Our plastic food container comes in 3 convenient sizes and different shapes to satisfy all your needs.


For square container


For rectangle container


For round container

Stackable, easy to store

Why choosing us ?

Seal strip and lid in one piece
( This design will eliminates germs and other stains from sticking in the gaps of the container and lid.)
Seal strip and lid are separated
( The design of these lids will require you to remove the strip when washing it which may cause the strip to loosen its tightness over time and may be easy to lose it.)

Lighter than others

We are 5 times lighter than others

Freezer safe, stackable, non-slip design
All our food containers are freezer safe, stackable and microwave safe.
What’s more , we have also added a seal on the bottom to make it non-slip.

Save the earth and embrace it together
When the environmental protection and go green movement has been in the attention of our lives, therefore, we have been aware of the use of eco-friendly tableware products.
Non-disposable food container has been in our market ever since.

Make your day even more convenient
Simply just put your food inside the food container and carry it with you wherever you go.

Other plastic food container ➡️ Food container with vented lid

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