Brand-new plastic food container with an anti-slip bottom (3 sizes 1set)

Plastic food container with anti-slip bottom

Material : PP + TPE

Two-color Plastic food container mold maker
Two-color Plastic food container mold maker
Two-color Plastic food container mold maker

Three different sizes of plastic food container for one set :

S (0.6L)140 x 110 x 93 mm75g
M (1.25L)142x182x112 mm120g
L (2.5L)178 X 232 X 130 mm 203g

The brand-new anti-slip bottom design
You can only find this design here, we add a TPE strip at the bottom of the body to let the plastic food container stay stable on the smooth surface, so you don’t need to worry about the baby will spill out the liquid because of turning over the containers.

Why choosing us ?

Seal strip and lid in one piece
( This design will eliminates germs and other stains from sticking in the gaps of the container and lid.)
Seal strip and lid are separated
( The design of these lids will require you to remove the strip when washing it which may cause the strip to loosen its tightness over time and may be easy to lose it.)

Stackable , nestable food storage container design

We make our food containers nestable, stackable you can pile them one on the other to save your space in the kitchen or the cabinet.

Lighter than others

We are 5 times lighter than others

Freezer safe, stackable, non-slip design
All our food containers are freezer-safe, stackable, and microwave safe.
What’s more, we have also added a seal on the bottom to make it non-slip.

Mold testing of the container

Video presentation of the container

Chinese presentation of the container

French presentation of the container (with ENGLISH subtitles)

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