Two color plastic fruit bowl

Two color plastic fruit bowl
Double color plastic injection process is not only produced one two-color plastic part in one mold.  It also could produce two single color plastic parts in one double color injection machine and two separated injection molds.  These two separated injection moulds are also could be molded on two different injection moulding machines, then assembly together.

The weight of plastic fruit bowl body is light, that’s that wall-thickness is very thin, it is challenge on making design of assembly between bowl body and base for this thin and soft body.  The bowl body and base have to be locked well and not loose after loading fruits.

Bowl body diameter and height are bigger than the one of bowl base.  The two molds thickness, ejecting stroke and ejecting system shall be same for these two different products.  The molds have to be designed for making on double color injection machine to make bowl and base at same time.  Meanwhile, the molds are applied for produce bowl and base at different machine.  That’s said these two molds of fruit bowl and base have to be disassembled and assembled.  The molds design shall be considered carefully in details. The NC machinery shall be very precise during molds fabrication to ensure two molds could be produced on double color machine at same time.

Most of customers don’t want to invest double color injection machine.  However, you can consider to produce two plastic products on your double color machine in future, or produce only one plastic part on double color machine.  It won’t leave your double color injection machine unused if double color products range has not yet been developed too much.  Two-color plastic injection products become more popular at market day by day, it is right time to invest and develop double color plastic products at this moment.

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