Plastic garden table

Many people enjoy their breakfast in their own garden at home.  It is a valuable experience to be able to enjoy the most important meal of the day with our loving family in the floral garden. In order to complete this dream, you need a sturdy table.  This plastic injection table is very adorable; it has not only cute shape but also strong table structure.

The advantage of this plastic garden table are as below:

1. The raw material of this plastic table is PP. Because PP has plasticity, it is gradually replacing wooden products, and PP’s high strength and toughness and high wear resistance have gradually replaced the mechanical function of metals.

2. Traditional plastic injection tables have separated table legs.  This means that the table top and the table legs are separate. In this way, we not only need to have extra mold for the table legs, the strength of the entire table will be weakened by the separate table legs.  This plastic outdoor table is one-piece.  The strength of the table is much stronger than separated tables.  Besides, you don’t need to pay for extra leg mold.

3. The parting line for this plastic picnic table is in the edge of the table top, it means if you do not turn the entire table over, you will not be able to see the parting line.  So you don’t worry about flash or burr to hurt your fingers or arms during meal.

4. The injection gate for this plastic injection table mold is umbrella gate.  It enters directly from the middle hole of the table top.  Although it is made by cold runner, we can’t see the cold runner gate mark as it is inside the hole.  It makes the table look more beautiful without extra mark or burr.

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