Plastic kitchen utensil

Plastic kitchen utensil product information
Material : PA

The distinguishing feature of this plastic cutlery set is the bottom bracket that integrates all the cutlery into one.

Use PA as a material
Most of the materials for kitchen utensils or cutlery set are PA. PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and has a low coefficient of friction.

The cutlery is removable, makes it easy to carry.
The reason is that it makes it easy for people to grab it and put it back in place. It also condenses the space of the cutlery box and provides decoration for the kitchen interior design, thus creating a delicate design for the kitchen. Another advantage of this product is that the cutlery is removable. The detachable attachment design of the cutlery makes it easy to carry when traveling, thus reducing the space of the product. This detachable attachment design of the cutlery allows one to change the head of the product to make it lighter when traveling. People only need to carry the required variable head with the bottom stick to compress the space in the luggage.

We can give you our service
We have a lot of experience in making plastic kitchen utensils, professional experience in making molds, and have expertise in providing customers with the choice of plastics to use. We not only has a professional mold making team, but also an experienced design team and a test mold team.

How a plastic kitchen utensil is been produced ?

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