Plastic lunch box

Plastic lunch box
More and more people bring their own lunch from home, which is not only healthier and save money than eating outside, but also more environmentally friendly.

We all know plastic will not decompose in the soil for 10,000 years!  The area of plastic waste at sea is twice as large as that in France.  Seagulls have plastic rubbish in their stomachs!

We have always known the impact of plastic on the environment, but at the same time, we also choose PP lunch box for environmental protection. Because the price of paper lunch boxes is only 20% of PP lunch boxes, but paper lunch boxes can’t be recycled. Finally, they are almost put into incinerator. Comparatively speaking, as long as the PP lunch boxes are left in the right place, 100% of the ingredients can be recycled and reused, the process of recycling will not be polluted. At the same time, they have the advantages of non-toxicity and high temperature resistance. PP is one of the most suitable materials which is used for tableware.

The lunch box design is very lovely; there are two layers which can let you separate your food.  The clip function is made directly on the lid, so we can save one mold for clips.  There are two clip designs in each side, so the lunch box can overlap to save space after eating.  The volume is 420 + 760 ml, it is just enough for school children to eat, will not cause waste.

As the material is food grade PP, you can put the lunch box directly in the microwave oven.  The lunch box is reusable and 100% recyclable which can help protect our environment and eliminate the use of plastic baggies and paper lunch boxes.

The parting line is on the fringe of the body of lunch box, it is crucial to have very neat and smooth parting line to avoid cutting user’s fingers.  As the parting line is on the fringe, the whole lunch box body is high-end polish, and the touch is slippery and smooth.

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