Plastic multi-functional jar opener

Plastic multi-functional jar opener

Material: PP+TPR

An essential kitchen gadget that makes opening jars a breeze. Unlike spring-operated jar openers that are painful and hard to use, this plastic multi-functional jar opener features raised grips that smoothly remove and enclose any type of lid. Four varying-sized diameter grips, easily twist the caps off small, medium, and large bottles, cans, and jars. The ergonomic handles are sized at the perfect length to provide enough leverage with minimal effort, making it perfect to use for kids and anyone with arthritis. The bold finish accommodates any kitchen decor, while its slim profile occupies minimal space in your drawers and cabinets.

1. Unscrew the cans, but it is physical work. It often makes a lot of troubles. Can the can lid still remain? Try what we have prepared for you: save the bottle opener, tighten the cap, open it with a single twist, and open the cans no longer!
2.Effortless. Easiest and fastest open different size jars.

3.No more aching hands and fingers.
4.Easy hold, non-slip, ergonomic handle.

5.Four sizes of rings to fit a different of jars and jars and bottles.

6.Made of highly durable plastic
7. Simple to use: clamp it on the lid and twist to open

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