Plastic pan pot cover lid rack (spoon, spatula holder)

Plastic pan pot cover lid rack (spoon, spatula holder)

When we are cooking, do we often get in a hurry? Sometimes we cover the lid to cook, and when we need to add seasoning or taste the flavor, do we always keep the lid in our hands all the time? Because there are water vapor and oil stains on the lid, if it is really placed on the table, it will inevitably make the table wet and dirty.  In this way, you should try this multifunctional pot lid holder which can place a pot lid, spoon, knife, etc.

This multifunctional pot lid holder is made of food-grade PP and ABS which are strong and durable. There is no odor in the multifunctional pot lid holder, everyone can be at ease to use it. The multifunctional pot lid holder is multi-purpose and can be used as a helper. It can place not only a pot lid and spatula neatly but also a mobile phone or a tablet, which is convenient for us to cook according to the recipe while watching the recipe.

The whale shape plastic pan pot cover lid rack

100% brand new and high quality
Made of high-quality materials, advanced color texture
Various colors for you to choose
Super high value, your kitchen utensils need a place

Size: 19.5* 14.5* 10cm

The oval one :

Pot lid holder rack
Can be placed any size, spoon, spatula.
Food-grade plastic, health, and safety
Easy to clean
The folding buckle can stand up the clasp when necessary, and can also be folded to save space

Material: PP
Size: 17.8 * 11.3 * 2.2cm

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