Plastic rice / vegetable / fruit strainer

Two color plastic rice / vegetable /fruit strainer
Two-color plastic kitchenware is now more and more popular, because double color injection products are more eye attractive than single color ones.  For example, this two-color injection strainer, it combines the raw material PP and TPE which are food-grade materials.  It means the plastic strainer was made from the materials which are safe and healthy, and are not easy to aging.  The plastic strainer can directly contact food, it is soft and comfortable and easy to be used conveniently.

Besides, this plastic rice / vegetable / fruit strainer is comfortable, has soft and delicate texture, it is simple to operate, easy to clean rice, vegetable, fruit and so on.  Meanwhile, it is foldable, very easy for storage and it won’t occupy too many space in the kitchen when you don’t use it.  The double color plastic strainer does not deform despite repeated folding.

This product has a leaky design on the side, which can quickly and evenly drain water.  It has a wear-resistant design at the bottom and can be used as a fruit, rice or vegetable basket. Its side has a hook design, which can be used as hang up the whole strainer.

Moreover, this two-color injection strainer is light, easy to be cleaned and its appearance is more stimulating consumers’ desire to buy than single color strainer. 

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