Plastic seasoning container for kitchen 4 in 1

Plastic seasoning container for kitchen 4 in 1

Material : PP+PS

4-in-1 Design:
Creative four-in-one compartment plastic seasoning container, it can hold 4 different kinds of seasoning at the same time, sufficient to meet your various needs, save your space and time for kitchen cooking

Easy to Use:
The transparent lid of plastic seasoning container is clear to what seasoning is in each space, it is convenient to operate even you want to add various seasonings to dishes at the same time

Sturdy and durable:
This plastic seasoning container is made of high grade PP+PS, safe to touch the food directly, sturdy and durable.

There are different materials of seasoning box on the market, however, the plastic seasoning box has chemical resistance, temperature resistance and it is light, also not easy to damage, which is always a popular choice.

This seasoning box that made by YONG CHUAN PLASTIC is so convenient that people can easily open the lid with a thumb and use another hand to add seasoning to flavor the dishes. Also the product has three layers, customers can put different seasonings in one box.

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