Plastic soap holder box

Plastic soap holder box

Washing hands with soap before eating or handling food is a principle that we all must follow, especially after the popularity of COVID-19, frequent hand washing is deeply impressed in our mind.

A common soap dish has a big disadvantage, that is, there are no holes to drain. This design will often cause the soap to be soaked in water for a long time, which will cause the soap to soften and reduce the life of the soap.  Even with a draining design, it often causes soapy water to stain the washbasin.

This plastic soap holder box has a very special design.  It is a two-way rotating soap dish, which means, you can change the plastic soap dish in direction of horizontal or vertical at any moment as you like. The plastic soap dish is made of PP which is waterproof and moisture-proof.  It has the design of double layers structure, with drawer type of water tray, the upper layer can drain soapy water quickly, and the lower tray can collect water, keeps the washbasin clean.

This design makes soaps are ventilated, drained, dry, and durable. The plastic soap storage box has been enlarged which is suitable for many brands of soaps in the market.  One layer of plastic soap dish can store one soap which can prevent cross-infection. Even if you don’t put soap, you can put a sponge or other clean things. The plastic soap dish is applicable for different kinds of surfaces, such as mirror surfaces, ceramic tiles, wooden boards, metal, painted walls, or marble.  

The plastic soap storage box is easy to disassemble, you can clean it at any time.  It is also very easy to install. First to wipe the wall clean with a rag, and tear off the transparent sticker on the back.  Stick the sticker on the wall, and press firmly to expel the air.  Install the soap holder box in the direction you want, and install the soapbox after twelve hours.

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