Two color plastic spatula

Two color plastic spatula
Material : PP+TPE
When making cakes or desserts, people like to be creative and use all kinds of ingenuity to present the most delicate cakes and desserts as well as our passion and dedication to desserts. To make delicious and tempting desserts, in addition to the skills and talents, you need the necessary tools to meet all your production processes.

Usually the cake spatula is assembled. The handle plastic is made of ABS or PP with a silicone rubber blade. But now we can say goodbye to the old design and the new one is a one-piece design; it means it is a two-color spatulaTwo-color spatula brings together design and innovative energy, hoping to add multiple and modern elements, seeking balance in quality, aesthetics and function, and giving consumers a comfortable experience. The flexible TPE head of the two-color spatula is stain-resistant, which is very suitable for seasoning sauces, cream or batter. The two-color spatula is equipped with a plastic handle with a firm and comfortable grip. It has a hole for hanging which is helpful for saving space.

The two-color spatula is made by PP+TPE which is strong enough and can stir food without any problem.  Besides, the TPE blade is soft and will not damage the surface of non-stick pan. The two-color spatula can avoid the dough sticking to the blade. Whatever you stir, the food can stay in the pot, it makes us easier to use the two-color spatula.  

Except of professional mold making experience, product design and mold design team experience is also important. YONG CHUAN can bring you expertise in the field of molds and provide customers with high-quality plastic injection molds. If you don’t have a product design team, it doesn’t matter. As long as you want to develop any kind of plastic injection products, for example, single-color products, two-color products, or even three-color products, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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