Plastic diamond tableware set (Pitcher, cocktail cup, bowl, plate, cup)

Plastic tableware set
While having a meal in your kitchen, is more pleasant to have a whole set of tableware instead of different types of pitcher, cocktail cup, bowl, plate…etc.

Product information
Material : PS
Plastic pitcher : 2265ml, 214 x 144 x 220 mm
Plastic cocktail cup : 390ml , 92 x 92 x 175 mm
Plastic bowl (S) : DIA 153mm , height 80 mm
Plastic bowl (M) : DIA 252mm, height 116mm
Plastic cup : 390ml , DIA 93mm , height 105 mm

Stylish tableware set to Style your dining room
Decorate your dining room table and serve dinner in style by discovering YONG CHUAN’S collection of high quality tableware.

Using PS as material
Polystyrene (PS) plastic is a transparent thermoplastic which is available as both a typical solid plastic as well as the form of a rigid foam material.
PS is commonly used in a variety way such as consumer product applications or plastic packagings.

Why choosing a plastic tableware instead of a glass one ?
Plastic products are always lighter, and not easy to crack, no need to worry about dropping on the ground.

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