Rice container steamer microwave cooker mold

Rice container steamer microwave cooker mold

Material : PP

Microwave Rice Cooker: This rice container steamer microwave cooker includes rice spoon, lid, strainer and steamer, suitable for microwave ovens of various sizes.

Simple Operation: First pour the rice into the rice container steamer microwave cooker, then rinse the rice with a colander and fasten the lid with a rice spoon, and finally put it in the microwave oven.

Ingenious Design: Ingenious design of the pot cover, it can store the rice scoop, but also can make the rice scoop being used as a handle.

Good heat resistance: The rice steamer can heat up to 120℃, and safe to eat.

Multiple Functions: Each component has its own cooking function, and can be stacked together and put into the microwave oven to make a variety of delicious foods, saving time, worry and effort.

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