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Seasoning box
The seasoning box is used to maintain the orderliness of kitchen environment, and to isolate seasoning from surrounding, which makes seasoning more hygienic and not easily polluted.

There are different materials of seasoning box on the market, however, the plastic seasoning box has chemical resistance, temperature resistance and it is light, also not easy to damage, which is always a popular choice. YONG CHUAN PLASTIC, we apply PP as the body material, and AS for the lid. Material AS has higher limpidity and hardness, that allows customers to check the seasoning directly.

This seasoning box that made by YONG CHUAN PLASTIC is so convenient that people can easily open the lid with a thumb and use another hand to add seasoning to flavor the dishes. Also the product has three layers, customers can put different seasonings in one box.

The handle part is designed non-closed, which is easy for taking up and putting down. And the mould is smaller due to its needless of sliders. For this seasoning box moulds, a 200 tons injection machine is enough to manufacture two products in a cycle.

The two moulds have no special design, but they require the technique of processing steel. In this case, we make inserted core for better processing and easier to repair, fine handle part that has no flash to prevent customer’s hands being scratched, and well-polished cavities and cores for high quality of appearance.

YONG CHUAN PLASTIC, we own sets of high accuracy CNC machine, which is our proud that owning the capability of manufacturing high quality plastic injection moulds. Provide plastic injection mould with the highest CP value and create a win-win has always been our target.

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