Stackable garden harvest basket mold

Stackable garden harvest basket mold

Material : PP

PRODUCT DETAILS: Gather and rinse vegetables outdoors — the smooth, perforated interior won’t bruise the fruits and vegetables. The fold-out legs keep your harvest off the ground, allowing it to drip-dry before bringing indoors. Washing vegetables fresh from the garden outdoors keeps the kitchen clean and the chef happy!

BEST USE AS: Multi-Purpose Garden, Picnic, and Storage Basket Our stackable garden harvest basket mold can be used in varieties of purposes making it very useful to have in your vegetable gardens and kitchen. From gathering your harvest, transporting and rinsing soil dirt up to the storage stage. The ingenious foldable leg support is ideal to keep the washed harvested fruits and vegetables dry before storing indoors or keep your food off the ground during picnic trips.

HIGH-QUALITY BUILT: Gardener’s Supply Company Exclusive – Made with a food-grade Polypropylene frame that is sturdy and specially designed for multi-purpose usability in different situations. Our stackable garden harvest basket mold can hold up to 30lbs of yields and is stackable as a space saver organizer in our kitchen, pantry, and shed indoors or even outdoors.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: Simply wash the dirt with running water and you’re ready to go. No extra cost for maintenance and is reusable for many years. A worthy garden accessories addition to our collection and perfect gifts for all garden planter enthusiasts.

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