Two color toothbrush handle

We can’t live without tooth brush
What is the most important thing to do when you wake up in the morning ?
You’re right ! Brush your teeth !
In consequence , tooth brush will always be a daily necessity for us , so why don’t we treat ourselves better from getting a more beautiful toothbrush ?

Product information
Material : PP+TPE

How to make a two color toothbrush handle?
Most two-color toothbrush handles are made by plastic injection molds with rotating core. The rotating core process means that the two-color plastic injection mold is not rotated by the injection molding machine. 

Of course, the two-color toothbrush handles mold design and structure are more complicated than the single-color mold. The rotating core should have high quality and durability to ensure mold performance and quality. At the same time, the full hot runner of each cavity is considered to improve the surface quality of two-color toothbrush handles. Generally speaking, extensive experience in mold design and two-color plastic injection molds making is very important for obtaining high-quality two-color plastic products.

How a plastic tooth brush handle is been produced ? (Mold testing video)

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