Two-color baby ass washing basin

Two-color baby ass washing basin

A baby needs to change diapers six to eight times a day. If we clean their butts only with a wet paper towel, it is not environmentally friendly. Besides, repeatedly wiping the baby’s delicate skin can easily cause infection and allergies. It is very important to use running water to clean baby’s ass. In this case, we need this two-color baby ass washing basin.

This baby-ass washing basin is designed for novice parents.  It is easy to use, safe and sanitary, gives babies safety and care, and helps us wash their butts easily. As the basin is made for babies, we refuse to use recycled materials for production.  For the baby’s safety, the material which we use doesn’t contain harmful substances. There are no flash, burrs, or sharp parts at the edges of the entire product, and each edge is smooth and flat.

The basin is designed for double protection – back slot and bottom suction cups. There are four slots on the back of the basin, suitable for almost all washbasins.  The bottom suction cups firmly hold the washbasin and do not move easily.  Give parents and babies more security.

The baby ass washing basin has an oval-shaped seatback design, which conforms to the curve of the baby’s back, and it is more comfortable to wash the ass while lying down. The radian rear wing supports the baby’s legs, allowing the legs to open naturally for easy cleaning.

The baby ass washing basin has a drain groove design, which lets water flow down the basin into the washbasin, and the dirt does not return.  The basin has a hang hook hole, make the basin to be hanged and stored easily.  The hang hook hole is an international standard diameter that can prevent a baby from getting stuck.

It is easy to install and use the basin in one step. Its design is to help parents to save effort.  The snap-on suction cups are easy to install.  First make sure that the suction cups hold the washbasin firmly, and then place the baby in a supine position and wash it in the center.  Please don’t leave your baby during the process. The basin helps you care for the baby to grow up better.

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