Two color baby toddler training spoon fork

Two color baby toddler training spoon fork

Helping toddlers learn to be independent is the primary task of many parents. We can use the characteristics of toddlers who like to imitate their parents to train them to be independent, for example, to eat by themselves like adults. Since toddlers can’t control the muscles of their arms to feed food into their mouths, we have to use this two color baby toddler training spoon fork to help them.

The main features for this two-color training spoon are:

1.Special design for toddlers: The two-color training spoon is designed for babies who are learning to self-feed with a utensil.  It has a one-piece design, there is no dead corner in the utensil, very easy to clean. With a big spoon and forkhead, it is easier for toddlers to push food onto the utensil.

2. Safe for babies: The two-color training spoon is made of food contact grade materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, the baby’s utensil must be safe and healthy.

3.Bendable design: Learn to eat less than two years old, the curved spoon is better than a straight spoon. They can be bent left or right or bent forward 90 degrees without rebounding, easy to help right/left-handed baby to scoop up food better at any angles; It is designed according to the way baby holds spoon, which shortens feeding distance and makes baby’s self-feeding much easier

4.Portable storage box: The two-color training spoon has its own portable storage box which can help isolate dust and bacteria.  Toddlers can train self-feed on any occasion.

5.Non-slip handle design: The two-color training spoon is made of PP+TPE. The material TPE has a non-slip function. Toddlers can grip the spoon easier.

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