Two color collapsible dish drying rack

Two color collapsible dish drying rack

Because of food safety and health issues, more and more people will choose to cook meals by themselves. If you want to cook your own food, it is inevitable that many dishes will need to be washed afterward. If we rent a small suite outside, there may not be enough space in the kitchen to put another cupboard. In this case, we need this two-color foldable dish rack

This two color collapsible dish drying rack is made by PP+TPE which makes it to be retractable.  When we don’t need to use it, we can easily fold it up. The height of this two-color foldable dish rack after unfolding is only 5.5 cm, we can tuck it in any small gap.

The two-color foldable dish rack has humanized drainage design which can help fast draining.  There is a two-color tray at the bottom, so we don’t worry about the water flowing everywhere although the two-color foldable dish rack is not near the sink. 

The four corners of two-color foldable dish rack has heightening design, which is antiskid and stable placement and makes we have more comfortable using experience. Besides, the two-color foldable dish rack has a multi-grid design which is detachable and makes cutleries difficult to tilt when draining.

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