Two color jar cap flip top lid injection mold

Two color jar cap flip top lid injection mold

Two color jar cap flip top lid injection mold

The basic information of two color jar cap flip top lid injection mold: 

Jar cap mold

Steel: Germany imported steel DIN1.2344 with hardness 45-48HRC

Cavity: 8

Injection: 16-tips hot runner piont gate

Suggested Machine: 400T two-color plastic injection machine with rotary table

Size: 640X700X729mm, 2160kgs

Flip top lid mold

We specialize in creating high-precise plastic two shot bottle flip top cap molds for various industries. Our designers and engineers are dedicated to using the latest tools and techniques to create molds that perfectly match our client’s specifications.

Two color jar cap flip top lid injection mold

Flip-top caps should be light and delicate, with good sealing affect to prevent water leakage, no tips or burrs to scratch customers, with good assembling affect with bottle, and the most difficult part, the connection of top and base should have great flexibility to ensure the smoothness of cap action. 

Jar cap mold

Before we quote the price, here are some basic requirements of flip-top cap plastic injection mold for customers to decide first: 

A. Product design: The size, the type, with or without thread, single-color or two-color. (Depends on market and customer preference.)

B. Cavities: 8 cavities, 16 cavities or 32 cavities. (Depends on market demand and customer’s plastic injection machine performance.)

C. Injection: All-hot runner or semi-hot runner. (Depends on cost consideration. All-hot runner system can avoid the waste of material that helps to save material cost; however, the initial investment will be higher.)

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