Two color plastic cup with handle

Two color plastic cup with handle
Impact-resistant. In the event of breakage, the mug does not break up into sharp pieces as could happen with another type of material, such as glass or ceramic.

Product information
Material : PP+PP or PP+TPE
Size : Diameter 86mm x Height 97mm
Weight : 52g
Volume : 360ml

Presentation of the product

Color your daily life
As our purpose is to color your daily life, we produce almost everything in two colors.
You can buy this cup in many colors for a set and put them into different place for different usages.
Ex : orange for kitchen, blue for bathroom, green for taking on a picnic, pink for drinking soda at a party.. etc.

Many types of two color plastic cup

Light weight
This cup weight for just 52g !!!!

Big and soft handle
Easy to grab and take a sip of drink without searching for the handle’s position.

Antibacterial, easy to clean
The cup rim is large so it’s easier to clean.

Microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe
Suitable for microwave and dishwasher and freezer

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