Two-color plastic foldable cup

Two-color plastic foldable cup
In our traditional impression, water cups are all of the same cylinder shapes, which can be said to lack innovation. However, in the eyes of designers, the water cup should be given more new changes to meet the requirements of the times.

Product information
Material: PP+TPE
Body: DIA 92 mm x 82 mm
Lid: DIA 94 mm x 7 mm
Weight: 52g

Recently, we designed a new two-color foldable collapsible cup water cup, which is very creative in shape and convenient for users to carry after collapsible.

If it’s not convenient to buy water at any time when going out for an outing or sports, it’s necessary to carry water with us. A problem has been bothering us all the time, it’s very difficult to take up space and add weight with an empty cup all the way. A two-color foldable collapsible water cup is a perfect solution.

 Two-color foldable water cup body made of soft TPE material and hard PP material which can be folded and stored in the bag. It is very easy to hang on the bag or hold in the hand, and the space occupied by it can be almost ignored. When we need to use the two-color foldable collapsible water cup, we can simply pull it out to expose the bottle body for water injection. It is suitable for camping, travel, adventure, and daily running.

The two-color foldable water cup is made of PP + TPE material, which has certain high and low temperature resistance. It is safe and sanitary to use and can be used in various environments. When using, it is very simple. It only needs a few steps to collapsible the cup. After collapsible, it can be easily carried in the bag, or even directly put into the jeans pocket, which is very humanized.

How a plastic foldable cup is been produced ? (Mold testing video)

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