Two color plastic knit basket

Two color plastic knit basket
This kind of storage hamper made of polypropylene was inspired by the art and nostalgia of knitted textiles. It does not snag clothing, allows air to circulate, excellent quality with faux rattan weave design.

The plastic weaving rattan baskets are multifunctional for bathroom shower storage basket, debris storage organizer and so on.  It is made of durable woven plastic, outside like rattan weave, inside is smooth, premium quality flexible construction, no sharping edge.  Little cut-out ear handles for easy carrying or transport or pulling out. Perforated pattern allows for ventilation, good storage solution for office, bedroom, closet, bathroom counter top, etc.  Lightweight and easy to clean, just wipe clean with damp cloth.  With an elegant and classy appearance, also making great gift ideas.

For making high quality of plastic knit basket, the mold design and mold fabrication are very important. For making round waving rattan baskets, the mold has to be designed with six or eight sliders in order to keep circle design. These sliders shall be finished accurately for each part to avoid flash and sharp parting lines.  Meanwhile, it spent more time and cost on carving the knitting pattern of mold.

Opening stroke and clamping force of plastic injection machine are also key-point on making weaving rattan baskets.  

1. The melt flow of polypropylene is lower for making baskets in order to have high strength and long life.

2. The in-mold injection pressure is higher because of the rattan design and low melt flow of PP, hence, the required clamping force is higher than standard products.

3. Opening stroke of injection machine shall be 2.5 times than height of baskets in order to eject basket out from mold cavity.

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