Two-color plastic medical oxygen mask mold

Two-color plastic medical oxygen mask mold

Material : PP + TPE

Two-color plastic medical oxygen mask mold details:
-Product size : 103 X 80 X 111mm
-Raw material: PP+TPE
-Mould steel: 2344 with hardness 45-48HRC
-Mould cavity: 2+2 cavity two color rotary mold
-Injection system: 4tips Valve gate hot runner system
-Eject system: Eject pin
-Mould size : 510X480X520mm
-Injection moulding machine :230 ton two shot injection molding machine

Plastic medical oxygen mask
The application of two-color plastic medical oxygen mask mold is to transfer breathing oxygen gas from oxygen gas storage tank to the lungs, which mostly are made by plasticsilicone, or rubber.

Medical plastic oxygen masks are used primarily by medical care providers for oxygen therapy because they are disposable and so reduce cleaning costs and infection risks.  Meanwhile, masks are light in weight, transparent for allowing the face to be visible for patient assessment by healthcare providers, and reducing a sensation of claustrophobia experienced by some patients when wearing an oxygen mask.

Two color PP+TPE design
PP is a material that is firm enough to shape the mask. TPE is soft, tough, flexible, which is designed around the mask for a higher comfort level and a closer touch with different facial forms. These not only make the masks colorful, but also designed appropriate for people’s long-time use.

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