Two color plastic salad bowl

Two color plastic salad bowl

Advantages of two color plastic salad bowl :

1.DESIGNER TABLEWARE: an eye-catching , elegant , sunny look with bright colors – Get a set for yourself and another as a gift for that someone with a taste for the unique.

2.MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Perfect size for family-style meals with veggies,fruit salads, soup or pasta.It’s a fun addition to your home for cooking, preparing salad in a salad bowl, mixing dough, or serving popcorn on a movie night

3.CAN LAST A LIFETIME: dishwasher, freezer & microwave safe – unbreakable , anti-scratch .

4.FAMILY SAFE: Made from polypropylene – polypropylene plastic contains no BPA, phthalates or other toxins to leach into food.

5.FOR EVERY DAY USE: Big enough for table service ( 25*25*12cm) , but also for the late night munchies; Host dinners and eat outside with family, also great for patio, picnic, outdoor use.

We do not only make bowl but also make salad utensil: Two color plastic salad spoon & fork

Two-Color Plastic Salad Spoon & Fork Injection Mould

This two-color salad spoon & fork are ideal for catering, food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, family reunions and everyday use. 

It is made by two colors of Polystyrene (PS). The special character of Polystyrene is naturally transparent which let plastic housewares look like crystal, shiny and high-end quality.  Also, it could be colored with color master, the plastic products will be more shiny colorful. 

The outer green part is made by first injection, then make the second injection upon inner white part.

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