Two color plastic steak knife handle

Plastic steak knife handle

Two-color injection products are widely used in our life, especially for kitchenware. Two-color injection products not only have more diverse color choices for consumers. Most of knife holder on the markets are made single color of wood or stainless steel. But long-term use of wood is prone to mold, and stainless steel is heavier. Plastics can solve these problems for you, and more specially, the products we can create two-color knife holder.

Most two-color plastic injection molding products are made by rotary table molds, which the whole mold will be rotated to the second injecting position after making first injection.  Some two-color plastic handles, it shall be produced by rotary axis molds, which only rotate the mold core of first injection to the second mold cavity for making second color, such as screwdriver handles, teeth brush handles, dining handles, cutlery handles and so on.

The design of the axis mold is focused on the core, finished the first color, need a machine middle of insert and products together top out, then rotate 180 degrees, injection of the second color after the mold is reset, in this process, the precision is important, and the standard is high


The two color plastic steak knife handle shall be designed with good ejection for smooth production and protection of mold to avoid hitting. The excellent cooling system is very important to reduce the cycle time and have higher output. Two-color plastic molds look like simple, but it is know-how on getting satisfactory production and two-component injection quality.

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