Vegetable fruit food container with partitions 2k mold

Vegetable fruit food container with partitions mold

Multifunctional Storage Box , fresh-keeping box , fruit drain basket storage or plastic organizer set.

Ordinary preservation method, and the preservation time is short.  Food is easy to spoil. The tastes of various foods are mixed together, and the refrigerator emits a strange smell. In this case, you can use the multifunctional storage box.

The advantages for vegetable fruit food container

(1) Food contact grade materials, health and safety:

It is made of high-quality materials, durable and practical, high quality and more convenient to use.

(2) Double-layer drain basket design, drain and freshness in one place:

Easy to save trouble. vegetable fruit food container can put food in the inner basket to soak. You can directly lift the inner basket, cleaning food becomes very easy.

Use plastic organizer set, it’s no more pouring water or food over.

(3) Humanized bottom outlet, no need to pour:

Special design of plastic organizer set: When the water is concentrated at the bottom, just open the water plug, no need to pour water by yourself.

(4) Built-in layered partition:

A variety of foods and fruits can be stored in the refrigerator as you like, which is more beautiful.  The partition of vegetable fruit food container can separate left and right, up and down.

(5) Can be frozen or refrigerated:

Plastic organizer set uses raw resin material, thicken the material, the box body is smooth and without burrs. Beautiful appearance and good feel when touching.

Advanced food grade raw materials are non-toxic, non-odorous, and can be resistant to cold and heat.

(6) Closed / breathable dual mode:  Plastic organizer set with excellent design

Ventilation switch opens upwards, air can penetrate.  The ventilation switch is closed down, air can’t enter.

(7) Cover design with built-in rubber ring:

Can ensure the tightness of the plastic organizer set lid, and food preservation is upgraded.

(8) Drainage support design:

Plastic organizer set has drainage support design in inner basket can avoid food soaking in water, food is more delicious.

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