What is two color / two shot 2k injection molding

Today let me introduce what is two-color / two-shot injection molding.

What is two-color / two-shot molding?

Two-color / Two-shot injection molding, also known as bi-color, multi-shot, bi-injection molding or double-shot molding and 2k injection molding is a subcategory of injection molding that allows to inject two kinds of the same material or two different material (PP+PP,PC+PC,PP+TPE) through one injection molding machine(two color injection molding machine) and one plastic mold(two color mold) by twice injection, and the final product has two colors or two parts.

What’s the difference between two-color injection molding and single-color injection molding?

 The difference in mold structure (one cavity mold as an example)

  • Single plastic mold just has one cavity, core, one center injection gate and ejection unit.
  • Two color plastic mold can be understood as composed of two single molds,there are two the same cores and two different cavities ,and two center injection gate and two ejection units
single-color mold
two-color mold

How does two-color injection molding work?

There are several types of two color injection molding, rotary table bi injection molding, rotary shaft two component injection molding, rotary table injection means after finishing the injection of the first color, then the mold will rotate 180°through rotation of machine’s plate need rotate , the first color will be rotated to the other side for the second injection.   Once the second layer cools, the final part is ejected.

Engineers should know that two-shot injection molding can be sped up or slowed down based on how the substrate is transferred to the other chamber of the mold. Hand and robot arm transfers take longer than a rotary plane, but rotary platen molding is more expensive and generally only an efficient option for high volume production runs.

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